Thinking about adopting a second cat. Help!

by Danielle Weston
(Ann Arbor, Michigan)

I fell in love with a cat at a shelter recently. She is eight years old and an adorable calico cat. I currently already have a cat at home though. She is 1 1/2 years old and a gray short haired tabby named Rey!

Rey is a great cat. She loves to play and eat all the time. She loves people and never hides when people come over.

My only issue is when she sees cats outside, she hisses at them which I know is normal. I'm just wondering about getting another cat.

I have read how to introduce them slowly and everything but I just want to make sure that Rey will be fine. Any advice would help!

Thank you,

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You can’t have just one kitty!
by: Leslie Schmick

Take him home and they’ll have each other — even if the adjustment time takes a short while. Leave them to get to know each other in their own way. Never get angry or interfere, they will be glad to have each other! In my 50 years with cats, I’ve learned a lot from them. Give them equal time. They will let you know what they want/don’t want. I now have 4. —different ages, sizes, backgrounds, etc.

Re Adopting Another Cat
by: Sandy Pister

I have nine cats. So I speak from experience.

Please, yes,adopt this cat, but it can take up to a month
to acclimate both cats. Don’t be discouraged, because chances are they will hiss at each other if you just set the cat down and hope it works.

Segregate the newly adopted cat from your cat for several days, up to a week. Your new cat needs to smell his new surroundings. Make sure you give the new cat attention and talk to him/her. Make sure you have a fresh litter box, food and water so the cat can become accustomed to his new home. You can put a radio in the room, too. A scratching device and toys are helpful, too. Talk to your cat and give him a lot of attention. He will go up to the closed door and hiss. Just pet him and tell him everything is fine. After you determine that the new cat is comfortable, then open the Door and let them meet. Good luck!

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