Stray kitten reverted to wild

by Kimberly

The stray/wild kitten I brought inside went back outside with the other cats and now she acts like she doesn't even know me. What can I do to get her back inside?

I trapped a wild/stray kitten 2 1/2 months ago and brought her inside. She was getting really used to being in the house and letting us pet her.

I let her outside with the other two cats and she instantly became wild again. She runs when I open the door or try to approach her.

I really thought she would come back in with the other cats. Especially the one she's really close with.

Should I continue trying to trap her again? She at least has to be spayed. Is there a way to get her to come back in the house without trapping her?

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Trap and bring to veterinarian?
by: Jim W.

That can happen. There's a difference, though, between a stray and a feral (wild) cat, and it's hard (some say not advisable to try) to tame a feral.

Your cat seems to be acting like a bit like a stray (by allowing human contact quickly) and a feral (reverting to wild). Sort of on the edge, I'd say.

I would trap her again and bring her to the vet for evaluation and spaying. I'm reluctant to let strange cats that have not been health checked interact with my resident cat(s), so I'd keep her separated until I could get her to the vet (assuming she was not checked by your vet before).

If the vet feels she's tame enough to adopt, I'd bring her home and keep her inside while she healed. She may be more manageable after being spayed, but don't be surprised if she doesn't stick around. That's how it goes sometimes.

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