Sister won't let brother play

by Shuu

I adopted two 13-year-old bonded cats, a brother and sister. They are both amazingly youthful and well behaved. No health issues aside from their teeth which has been taken care of.

Sister is very playful. I get out the wand and she's eye-focused and quick to catch it! Brother just watches from a distance. When I try to bring the wand towards him he turns his head as if saying "I don't see it, I don't see it!"

After play session is over, he'll usually go crazy and bat his toy mouse all around the floor. The problem is when he puts it in his mouth to carry it around or run up the scratching post, he yowls the song of his ancestors and sister will whack him, bite him on the nape, and tackle him to the floor, then sit up and death glare at him.

He then sadly leaves the mouse where it is and walks away. It is NOT a playful initiative on her part, it's really more of a "shut up!"

I believe he is just scared to play with her around and thinks all toys except his little mouse belong to sis. I try playing with him with his mouse but he won't budge. I tried playing with him in the closet where she could not get in, but it's like he's scared to make a move and just lays there.

I'm wondering if there's anything I could do to tire him out and give him some fun before bed so he doesn't sing the song of his people at 4 am and get whacked.

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I Have the Same issue
by: JILL

My ragdoll wants to play but my other cat is the alpha and I feel like the ragdoll is afraid or intimidated by him. It is so sad and nothing I've tried has changed anything.

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