Should I help a stranded kitten or not?

by Golden

For starters, I found this kitten yesterday at around 6 p.m when I heard him screaming loudly. I found him cowering in a dirty corner from a kid who had been poking at him with a stick.

After a lot of difficulty, I brought him to my house, and put him in a box. I warmed him up, made him feel a bit more relaxed, and fed him some alternate kitten formula. I was all for keeping the kitten and fostering it until it was ready for adoption, but my parents were very hesitant and told me to leave him outside for some time to check if his mother was still around.

I know for a fact she wasn't because the lady downstairs had said the kitten had been screaming since morning, and mother cats don't usually leave their kittens like that for so long. Either way, I complied. After some time I came down only to find him trying to run away.

I was worried about him so tried to take him, but he ran away. There is a small road between my house and my neighbor's, with little grass patches running along either side. The shrubs are pretty wild, so I couldn't spot him even though I was looking for ages.

Eventually I did spot a grey cat duck into a bush and then walk away, so I thought maybe it was the mother come to take him. I left it at that, but when I woke up the next morning my brother told me that he'd heard the kitten screaming in the morning too.

I was rather worried, but then this evening I heard his screams again so I went downstairs to look for him. He was still in the bushes, and I found him rather quickly.

Is it possible his mother just left him there today? Do you think he's crying so loudly because he's hungry? I feel horrible if that cat wasn't his mother and he was out there the whole day alone.

Convincing my parents to take him in temporarily is another problem, but right now I want to ask what I should do next. Should I bring him in? Should I leave him out? Do you guys think his mother is with him?

No vets in my area are willing to take him in and care for him at a low price or whatever, and we don't have any shelters. Please answer ASAP.

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Hard decision
by: Sally F.

These decisions are always hard. The advice is typically to leave a kitten alone and wait for the mother. If the mother doesn't arrive soon, or if the kitten is injured, take the kitten in.

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