Shadow from La Canada

by Stephen
(La Canada, CA USA)

I had a Russian Blue named Kahula and had nothing but issues, waking me up at 3 AM, meowing all the time. He was an indoor cat and just upset all the time. I got him before the 10 week time and never saw his mom when I got him.

He died at 74 (in people years), but we always had a neighbor's cat around named Shadow. For years, Kahula and Shadow would not be buddies. Now Shadow runs the place with my sister's dog Mollie, a Brindese mix medium size dog.

Shadow is always chatty, loves to cuddle in my bed on cold nights. He's outside most of time. He eats any bagged dry food vs. Kahula's diet with wet canned food.

Everyone in my area knows Shadow. Shadow won't join me on my rocking chair like Kahula did. I gave all his toys to other pet owners. Shadow was pre-named.

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