Scared cat needs help adjusting to new home?

by Nichole

I took home a sweet little girl from work. Long story short, she has been living in our parking lot since she was a little kitten, and I finally got her used to me enough to be able to take her home.

She's been to the vet and is fairly healthy, just thin. She does eat at home and uses her litter box. She will even play some. But she is terrified of leaving the bedroom and has severe separation anxiety.

If I leave the room she will cower down in the middle of the room (I've got her 3 hides all on different levels) and cry herself to sleep.

I've only had her about a week. How can I help her adjust better to the house and help her with this anxiety? Any advice is appreciated

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by: Randy

You might try getting a heating pad (set on low) and put it in her favorite place. Cover with a thick blanket. Cats love heat.

Get something that ticks or makes a soft rhythmic noise, like an old style alarm clock, and stick it in the blanket. Usually fools the cat into thinking her mom is there. The tick is interpreted as mom's heartbeat.

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