Red cord in cat's stool?

by Samantha
(Aurora, IL, USA)

I found something very weird in my cat's litter box this afternoon. It weirded me out so much that I flushed it away immediately, but I'm regretting it now since I don't have any pictures and didn't poke at it enough to really know what I was looking at.

I'll describe what I found. A piece of stool, half of it looked normal, other half was totally transparent, like a big piece of fat, but stool shaped and attached to the regular looking half of stool.

A thick red cord of some kind was running through the middle of the whole thing, slightly smaller than the thickness of a pencil.

The stool(s) (regular half and transparent fatty looking half) were regular thickness and shape, the red cord thing was sticking out on one end and ran through the whole thing.

Should I be worried about my cat? Her behavior has been perfectly normal, seems to be in fine health as far as I can tell. All the other stools in the litter box were normal.

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Mar 22, 2018
Never seen anything like that
by: Anonymous

I've never seen anything like that. I would call the vet, describe it to them and get their opinion on how to proceed.

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