Pixie Minx from Morden

by Rose Anderson
(Morden, UK)

I was going to call my new kitty Raven but she’s not black black if you know what I mean, she also has a small white bit!

Raven was out and I kept calling her all different names but was undecided although Minky kept coming up and seemed to fit!

Also Minx and Minnie and she certainly lives up to those!!

So when I took her to the vet for her injections and check over I said her name was MinkyMinx but that could change!

Then I found out that Minky is a slang word for ladies bits, and even though I quite often call her by a similar name if you get my drift, 'cause she is one, I never felt right about it!

I had thought of Minnie the Minx or Beryl the Peril, but her eyes aren’t a deep green!

As Beryl was an elf stone in Lord of the Rings (the book) I thought of Elvie as she's not an Elvira!

That went to Pixie, which is very appropriate as she’s very tiny with a little face and no fear at all!!!!

I love her dearly but she sooo reminds me of one of our old cats whose mother had been feral and although we had her from a kitten she had that streak! Both very loving cats but a wildness in them!

So PixieMinx is named, but I call her lots of different names indoors.

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Pixie kitten and our Rosie
by: Lora Wallingford

Your kitten is just adorable ! So tiny and pretty.
We have a black kitty too. She came to us in 2015. She had been kind of an indoor/outdoor cat at a neighbor's house. She came to us and sat on our porch for quite a few days ( at night ). We didn't know until another neighbor let us know. She had chosen us and we are honored.
She is as black as night, but with the tiny dot of white on her like Pixie. She is a wonderful, quirky cat. She's a climber, a ' yeller'; she is a voracious eater. Good natured, likes to climb up your pants leg and perch on your shoulder.
I hope Pixie will bring you so much joy and fun, you'll wonder where she was all your life!
Thank you for sharing the story of Pixie.
By the way, I included a photo of our beautiful Rose Marie.

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