Outdoor cats roaming and breeding?

by Kasie

I have a bit of a dilemma happening right now. I love my cat so much, he’s one of the best things that ever happened and I couldn’t be happier with him.

He came to me in a way, though, that is directly related to my current predicament. My neighbors, whom are not friendly, have been breeding their outdoor cats at least three times that I know of.

They let their cats run free outside and none of these cats have been to the vet's office even one time. They allow their cats to breed within the family outdoors and when the kittens get big enough, they just let them outside as well.

My cat came to my home one day and just started soaking up the attention and I fell in love right away. He kept showing up every day after that, and eventually I fed him and he started spending cold or rainy days in my house snuggled up on the bed or couch. Now it’s all the time.

I took it upon myself to get him fixed and have transitioned him to an indoor cat with limited outdoor time and only when I am with him. He doesn’t leave my yard now.

I knew his mother was pregnant again. Now I’ve begun to see the four kittens from her most recent litter running around at night, fighting and hunting.

One kitten in particular seems to have followed in her older brother's footsteps and showed up one day and has not wanted to leave. I cannot afford to house/provide for those rogue kittens.

I’d love nothing more than to take them in, but it’s just not practical for me unfortunately. My neighbors have shown no desire to reunite with the cat I consider to be mine now.

I have contacted my local animal control and it seems for now there isn’t much they can do. Apparently in some areas, feral cats are a necessity.

I see no signs of this stopping and mentioning my concerns to my neighbors have just caused them to view me as someone acting superior towards them.

I’m at a loss right now and would really like advice from someone who has experienced something similar?
Thank you very much.

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Good ideas
by: Kasie

Those are great ideas guys thank you for your input. I’ll be making calls today. As I’m writing this, I woke up this morning to yet another little one on my porch wanting some food so getting them spayed/neutered is a top priority right now. We live in a very rural area far away from any main roads so other than bigger animals I’m not a whole lot concerned about safety. Thanks again.

Local rescue group
by: Jim W.

Try looking for a local rescue group that does Trap-Neuter-Return and re-homing/adoption. See if Alley Cat Allies has an affiliated rescue or individual nearby.

Outdoor Cats
by: Anonymous

Two houses ago, there were a lot of community cats in our neighborhood. When one came into our yard, we worked to earn that cat's trust, took that cat to our vet, and got that cat examined, innoculated, and spayed/neutered. Upon return, that cat was fed, watered, and protected by us. We learned that some of these cats were neighbors' cats. No matter. No ID, not spayed/neutered: we got them the basics and cared for them. Some communities have spay/neuter incentives. Try these websites: alleycat.org and bestfriends.org.

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