Newly adopted female cat going crazy about going outside! What do I do?

by Angi
(Westport, CT)

We adopted a cat last week. She’s 3 1/2 and fixed. No bad habits per se, except at night (and only at night). She goes wild trying to get outside. Scratching at all the windows and front door, meowing louder than she normally does during the day.

She seems almost distressed. Throughout the rest of the day, she’s super laid back. Not sure what to do. Was advised by the shelter not to let her outside. And we live close to a main road so that frightens me also.

We’ve had her for less than a week and I just want to know how to alleviate this because it seems like she’s very distressed about it. Do I get a cat leash? Will this subside over time?

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Try keeping her in a room for a while
by: Sally F.

I keep new cats in a room so they don't have access to the front door or the rest of the house for a while. You might try that, and get some Feliway.

Outside for Cats
by: Anonymous

Most felines hate doors because they block access to what is behind the door. I agree with a great number of cat owners that kitty should stay inside where it is safe. There are Youtube videos that show how to train your kitty for walks on a lease. Another option is to use back packs that were designed to carry kitty with you on hikes. Your third option is building a catio for kitty. A catio is a large cage that allows kitty to be outside without the worry of potential harm to her. The catio should have items to stimulate kitty such as wall ledges, cat tree, tunnel, etc. The ideal catio has a cat door which allows kitty to go back & forth inside & outside at her will. A fourth option is more play time & meal afterwards to wear kitty out.

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