New cat owner with a few questions?

by Maren
(Mobile, Alabama, US)

I’m a new cat owner and everything has been going fine so far. I have two kittens that are sister and brother.

One problem I have is in my apartment there is a small hole in the wall from an accident that happened, I’ve tried all different ways to cover it up but they always find a way in.

The more they fight to get in it messes the wall up more. I’ve called my landlord and he has yet to return my calls to fix the hole so until he returns the call I try to find ways to fix it myself.

It leads to an attic and I can’t even see what’s up there and they make a ton of noise like thumps and thuds my neighbor can hear. I don’t know what I can do to stop it. I’ve nailed things to the wall to block it they just scratch until it rips. It’s horrible and they are driving me nuts.

The second thing is one of the kittens (the boy) he eats faster and a lot more than his sister. When he is done he eats out of her bowl and she gets intimidated and walks away.

I’ve begun to have them in two separate rooms so she doesn’t feel the need to stop eating when he comes, but his overeating is a problem.

He will eat so much and so fast and thirty minutes later he is meowing for more food or trying to eat hers. Any tips for this as well?

Thank you for reading and thanks to any responses.

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rabid kitties
by: Anonymous

Separate meals when dining?
Close hole.
put bells on collars.
Use toys to keep active.
See neighbors for help if any?
Or local shelter 2

by: Sally F.

I would put a large piece of furniture in front of the hole in the wall. Then, set up a play area (cat tree, toys, etc.) away from that hole. See if that helps.

For the eating, feeding in separate rooms is the way to go. For overeating, don't give in to him and feed him more. Have set meal times, and that's all he gets.

Then, play with him to stimulate him. He may be eating out of boredom. Finally... make sure the vet checks him out so he doesn't have a tapeworm or other parasite that's causing him to be so hungry.

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