New 2 year old cat won't use the litter tray and is hiding

I've just bought a 2 year old female cat and she won't use the litter box. She is urinating on the kitchen floor and she hasn't used her litter tray. She urinated and poo'd in the pet carrier and wouldn't stop crying on the way home.

She has gone under the freezer in the pantry cupboard and still she cries. When she does come out, the minute she sees me coming towards her, she runs back under the freezer.

I'm worried about her. Oh, and I was told today after I bought her that she is in heat.

This is the first time I've had a cat and I'm picking up another female cat tomorrow. Can someone please give me some advice please? I really want to help her. This is her third home.

My thoughts: Thank you for trying to help her. I don't know the history of this cat, but most cats coming into a new environment are going to be fearful.

I've said this over and over again, but cats hate change! New environments, new people and unfamiliar animals can be threatening. That's one reason why you set up a safe room.

What's a safe room? It's a room with all the comforts a cat could want. New cats that come into the house first go into this safe room for a period of days so they can get used to the new place without fear of strange and frightening things.

When you introduce another cat into the house, you should keep them separated for a time, then introduce them slowly. Before you do anything else, please read up on how to introduce a new cat to a home, and how to introduce two cats to each other.

She also needs to be seen by a vet to make sure she's healthy.

I hope that helps and welcome to the world of cats,


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