Neutered Kitten Peeing on Bed

by Dani

My kitten Mowgli, and yes he is a monkey. He is 4.5 months old, really behaved kitten. He has two dogs as his best friends, indoor only.

I have wanted a kitten since I can remember, so he truly is my itty bitty prince. I had him castrated on the 15th (it is the 18th today) by a WONDERFUL clinic - one I worked at for a few years.

Yes that's right, I work in vetmed and still need some extra advice!

He has started peeing on the bed. He did it twice within the last 3 months we have had him at home.

We had him from 6 weeks of age. He did have to be litter trained - only took a week, he got it pretty quickly and there were never accidents (on the bed) again... until now.

Now twice since castration he has urinated on the bed, in the middle. Each time, sheets and quilt are deodorized - Nature's Miracle, and THEN washed in warm water and always put in the dryer too.

During each accident we put him into his room. He has two litter boxes (easiest way to train him to use it), and leave him in there for a short time out (about 15 min).

It's a nice room filled with cat toys and blankies but he would rather not be in there alone of course.

His litter boxes are cleaned (scooped) once daily - morning usually (and remember he has two boxes so never really dirty). They are washed with water and sprayed with Nature's Miracle, dried and fresh litter added each time of course every 1-2 weeks.

I'm really concerned that he
won't just grow out of this and I love him far to much to have his 'papa' lose his mind.

My thoughts: I'm sorry to hear that your cat is having problems. It seems like every urination problem I hear of lately is intermittent, which makes them harder to pin down as to cause. In my experience, however, many of those turn out to be medical related.

The others are often a reaction to some event that created some stress, or a dislike of what's going on with the litter box. A few are marking behaviors and not an actual urinary problem (inappropriate elimination). For some, the cause remains a mystery.

I would question whether a time out would work, since punishment generally doesn't work on a cat and may add to the stress level. It would require an understanding that being in the room is punishment, and that the punishment is for urinating on the bed.

If it's not medical, and it's not marking behavior, and there's no event or circumstance you can pinpoint around the time of the incidents, then you may need to wait until it happens again to determine if there's a pattern.

In the meantime, you could try cleaning the boxes twice a day, or placing one box closer to the bedroom to see if that has any impact. Of course, he's done it so infrequently that it's hard to tell.

You could also try a calming collar, or Bach's Rescue Remedy, or Feliway to see if that helps. If it's stress related, some of these products may help to ease your cat's nerves.

I hope that helps and please let us know how things go.


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May 14, 2017
From Poster
by: Dani

So it turns out he just loved peeing on 'that' bed... we couldn't take the peeing any longer so have gotten a new mattress and with that the problem seems to have resolved! .... for now.
He is a happy vocal little bugger who is enjoying his litter box with Worlds Best litter and getting it cleaned 2-3 times daily.

Nov 26, 2016
Peeing on bed
by: Reggie

Had this problem 3/4 times within a week 2 years ago with my 2 girls. Newest cat did it once then the other decided to join in & even woke me up by peeing on my arm one day. Put a large polythene decorator's sheet over the bed covered by a large bath towel. Decided it was stress related as was having central heating work done at the time. Never happened since (fingers crossed). Did end up buying 3 new duvets though. All bedding washed in biological washing liquid. Sounds as if your boy didn't appreciate the vet visit.

Nov 23, 2016
Kitty peeing on bed
by: Lori Pearson

I have had cats all my life. I have raised them from 2 days old; older cats; health cats; stick cats; and so on.
As others have said there can be medical twins such: urinary tract infection;i can't remember if you did this was before neutering or not but if after it could be his incision hurts; one main idea is of you can't find any medical them try one of two things change places of where the list boxes are now: if he is peeing in your bedroom then put litter box on there also try changing litter or if you have recently changed to a different brand before his " accidents" then go back to the one originally used. Sorry if this de seems to run together. I'm trying to type with a four month old in my arms. Etc. Let me know I'd any of this helps or what you did find out what it was. Thank you. I love my babies so i hope you find everything easy to control.

Nov 22, 2016
Suggestions for kitty not using litter box
by: Anonymous

I agree with Kurt, it could be stress related or a medical issue. Male kitties are subject to not having enough Uric Acid in their urine and they end up with stones and as time passes these become larger to the point that they won't be able to urinate, the stone(s) block the urethra. The vet can perform surgery for this; however, I'm told that they often return. A special diet might help control them. I had a beautiful young cat that had this issue and we decided to have him put to sleep since we knew it more than likely would return.

Something you stated about using Nature's Miracle to wash out the litter box, I wouldn't do that as he would have "his" odour in the box and thus be able to smell it and return to the box to void. I would use just soap and water for now.

Something I've learned too after using products like Nature's Miracle and it not working is to use plain cider vinegar with water - more water than vinegar to rid the odour from laundry, etc.
Remember that even though we might not be able to smell where he's voided, he still can. I've never had any luck with any of the odour "controllers" Vinegar works much better, in my opinion.

Lastly, if you have moved anything from the spot where it was to some-place new since he's been in your home, that may have caused some stress for him. Another thing that could be causing stress would be a change in your household habits; i.e., time of day that you play with him, furniture moved, when you cuddle and snuggle with him, or maybe even a change with his doggie friends habits. Change in food? Something that may be small and insignificant to you may be quite a huge issue with him.

Best of luck,

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