Neutered cat ran away while walking on leash

by Daniel

My neutered cat ran away while I was walking him on a leash. What should I do?

I was walking him because he wanted to go outside for a long time. While I was walking him, he hissed at me for no reason and attacked me when I tried to hold him. He wouldn't come to me even when I called his name or when I brought food.

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Use food and a trap, look nearby
by: Kurt (Admin)

I'm sorry to hear your cat got away from you. It sounds like maybe he was spooked by something.

Many indoor cats are curious about the outside world, but they can become overwhelmed by the experience of all the smells, sights and sounds. It may not take much to startle or frighten them.

Does he have a microchip? That should help with the recovery if someone finds him and gets him scanned.

Cats that are used to being indoors often don't go that far from home, in my experience. You'll want to check every possible hiding spot around your house and nearby houses.

You can place either your cat's favorite food or some very stinky food (like canned tuna in water) outside, along with water.

You can also get a humane trap and place the food inside the trap.

One method that is often suggested is to place his litter box outside, as well as create an inviting hiding spot where he can feel safe.

Here is a checklist of steps from PetMD.

I've posted some information on finding a lost cat here.

I hope that helps and I hope he comes back quickly.

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