My Siamese kitten won't let me sleep!

by Nikki

Mr. BB and Murphy

Mr. BB and Murphy

My kitten is about eight months old and is a joy to be around. He has two siblings that he loves to play with and snuggle. I did my research before adopting him so I knew from the start that he would be a vocal/high-energy cat.

My issue is when we try to sleep at night, he and his sister (a tabby who's the same age) will start to go nuts and jump on our bed and us while we are sleeping.

We are gone most of the evening due to work and don't get home some days till 10 pm. We try our best to keep them entertained with toys and perches to play on.

I assumed (wrongly so) that having a sibling to play with would keep him occupied, but alas he still has plenty of energy when we get home.

We cannot close our door or he'll tear up the carpet and start to bellow. He'll do this all night, too, if we don't let him in. But as soon as we do he just goes back to playing on our bed.

I'm not sure what to do. I love him to bits and want to make him happy but I'm also a full-time student who needs sleep to be able to perform well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Zealous Kitten
by: Ellyb

Hi, I have one like your little kitten. It can get better.
I found out that a cat is designed to hunt, catch, kill, eat, groom and sleep. You will most likely need to play with your kitten 2-3 times a day 15-20 minutes. Switch it up until you find what he/she likes. Play until she tires, let her rest and then play again and then let her calm down for the night. Her siblings can only do so much and it looks like she wants some of your attention and no one else when you get home.
If your schedule is full you can check with a vet pet sitter to see if they can help you find a youth to come in and play with her during the day one time and then play with her a couple of hours before you are due home.
In the area I live, high school students are required to do community service before they can graduate. I've had the best baby sitters and pet sitters from responsible teens and they weren't stuck cleaning.
Good luck
P.S. Check out the book The cat whisperer and the author of the cat from hell. Their books are lifesavers.

Feed him late at night
by: Sally F.

Short of placing them in a cat play room of some kind in another part of the house, it's going to be difficult. The general idea is to ignore a cat if they try to wake you up, but when they're jumping on top of you, that's kind of hard to do.

Playing with him and then feeding him right before you go to bed may help.

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