My newly adopted 3 month old cat has regressed in socializing

by Irina

Two weeks ago, we adopted a 3-month-old semi-stray kitten. I say semi-stray because her mother was a stray cat that gave birth in our friend's garden, who subsequently started feeding her and her kittens.

When we brought her in we did everything properly, with a separate room, slowly introducing her to the place, etc. The kitten that is shy in nature was doing really well. She went from hiding, to sitting in front of the window and even letting us pet her.

Four days ago, she had mild diarrhea for two days (there was no food change). She also started hiding behind a wardrobe in the living room and stopped meowing.

Her diarrhea is gone now. She eats, drinks, and goes regularly to the toilet. She comes out of the hiding place in the evening and plays with her toys.

Basically, she started hiding from us. She does not sit by the window anymore.

I was thinking about what happened, and the only things that come to mind are:

1. We had guests that went into the room to see her.

2. My husband tried to place her in his lap.

3. When she had diarrhea, she did kaka near the window where she was usually sitting.

I know that we should not force her out of her hiding place, but she is also out of reach there (if something is not OK with her, I can't even reach her).

She goes out of there to eat, and sometimes I put food nearby so she will go out of there to eat. She had very good progress, and it now seems she has regressed in socializing with us. Any advice? Thank you!

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by: Irina

An update to our situation. Since yesterday the crisis is over :) I spent some time luring her from out from the hide place with toys and snacks. She came out and we had a petting session. And one more today. We will take to the vet soon for the first time. Our vet told us to take her there at the moment we are socialised more with her. She was given medicine against worms and she is sitting inside the house at the moment (we have a big yard that she will explore in the future). Than you for the advice, it is very helpful to us.

3 month old cat
by: Anonymous

Take it to the vet. Cat get diarrhea when their diet changes. But The kitty should be OK. I gave my dog Immodium AD I don't know if cats can handle that. Cats born outside have a different MO then inside cats.

Shy kitten
by: Kenda

I, too, adopted a feral kitten. Other than the poo problem, this sounds just like my Dolly. I'd like to tell you a bit about her, just in case you see parallels:

Dolly was very friendly and playful as a baby, but as she grew, got to be more aloof. She would sit by the wall all day long! Would not let me touch her. She ate well, but was so standoffish. Fast forward 5 years: my older cat passed away. He and I had a special relationship and he was with me all the time. Little by little I noticed Dolly coming out of her shell. It took 8 months for that child to climb on my lap, but I bawled like a baby when she did. I finally understood that she was so jealous of my older cat, that she finally just gave up on her humans. Today, she is loving, pushy, and fully in control of socializing. I regret every day that I didn't recognize what was happening and I lost so much time with her.

Kitten regressing
by: Lora W.

I am so glad you are giving a loving, caring home to the little one.
It sounds like you are doing everything pretty much by the book. Sometimes kittens haven't 'read the book ' though....they go their merry way and it isn't as we imagine they should.
I think she is doing fine. The minor setback with the 'poop' problem has passed. That is great. She is eating, playing,etc. She is just not willing to be social right now. When she is hiding, simply go and talk with her for a few minutes, softly and gently, and leave. She must be left to her own time table.
We expect so much of our little friends. She is still so young and just beginning her adventurous life. Be very patient and you will have a sweet little companion for years to come.

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