My neighbor is complaining that my cat is pooping in her yard!

We just started renting a house 7 months ago. I have Korean neighbors next to me and they have just started complaining that my cat is pooping in their small yard.

I have tried sticking a litter box in our yard in a dry area where no rain can get to it. I even put it on the porch right in front of my door since he comes to eat.

I have showed him where the litter boxes were. He still does not use it.

My cat has been an outside cat for a long time. So I know that if I put a litter box outside it's not going to help.

My neighbor's have even talked to my landlord and my landlord talked to me and told me that the neighbor is always trying to cause trouble. Even since before I moved in.

My landlord said how do they even know it was my cat, because there are other cats in the neighborhood? I told my landlord that my kids have told me that they have seen my neighbors shooshing my cat out of their yard. I don't mind them doing that but, if they touch my cat then I will have to say something about that.

There are also a lot of chickens on the street. My guess is from another neighbor. Also, there are other cats in the neighborhood.

Anyway, I don't know how to resolve this problem and I don't like to get into arguments with my neighbors! So what do I do?

My Thoughts:

I'm sorry to hear that you're having troubles. Unfortunately, your cat is just doing what cats do when they're allowed to roam.

Short of converting your cat to an indoor cat, or using a fence or outdoor cat enclosure, it's difficult to restrict his movements. If you can reach some kind of agreement with your neighbor, that would probably be ideal.

I've already addressed a similar problem at: indoor/outdoor cat litters in the neighbor's yard. Perhaps there are some ideas there that will help.

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Jun 09, 2022
Cat pooping in neighbor yard
by: Shannon Spidle

My cats have been pooping in my neighbor's yard every time he complains about it I always clean it up always but there's other neighborhood cats that do the same thing that poop in the same spot and I don't mind cleaning it up until he starts having an attitude towards me throwing the poop back into my yard or at my windows. Cats are naturally outside inside cats they poop anywhere so everybody that's saying negative stuff about it you can't train a cat not poop in somebody's yard come on be real and I'm not going to lock my cats into my house when they're naturally want to be free. So for all you haters stop hating.

Jul 16, 2021
Cat Owner Etiquette
by: Anonymous

It is inconsiderate of you to allow your cat to trespass on the neighbor's property and defecate in their yard. No one wants to have their yard turned into a litter box! Do you realize the diseases that are transmitted through their waste? You are putting your neighbor in danger of contracting a fatal illness because you are concerned about inconveniencing your cat. Are you that inhumane? Your neighbor is being very considerate of you by allowing you the opportunity to correct your ignorant actions rather than press charges against you for trespassing, harassment, vandalism and defecation by dog or cat- there are ordinances clearly stating that waste should be promptly removed by owner or handler of pet. While it may not carry a jail sentence, the fines would add up especially for repeat offenders who clearly do not understand what being a good neighbor is all about. The small acts of aloof oblivious behavior add up to one unwelcome renting intruder. Be a good neighbor and train your cat to use a litterbox, even if that means you need to keep it indoors for a few weeks to accomplish the good deed. Maybe she should consider adopting a cat eating canine, if you can't find a way to change your bad habits.

Aug 19, 2019
On the flip side
by: Anonymous

Cat poop is gross and carries diseases. It smells and gets into childrens sandboxes and peoples vegetable gardens. If you cant keep your cats out of other peoples yards, you shouldnt have one or ten. People who complain about cats pooping in their yard have every right to be upset. Can i sprinkle disease and feces all around your yard and in your house with kids? Be considerate of other peoples concerns.

May 21, 2019
by: MDM

My family and I are having the same issue now except our neighbor is a total jerk about it. He has confronted my mom and stepdad about it and my mom said it never seemed to be an issue until the neighbors on the other side of us moved in. They have six cats. My mom told our other neighbor (the one with six cats) about what the jerk said and the other neighbor stormed over to the jerks house to tell him to leave us alone and that it's probably her cats. He refuses to answer the door for her... The jerk even asked my stepdad to get rid of our cats. Since the last week of April 2019, three cats have gone missing. Two of the lady's six cats and then the neighbor across the street's cat is missing. It's obvious who is doing something... Get this, this morning my mom went to take my brother to school, came home less than 15 minutes later and someone threw cat poop at our front door/porch. Wow, wonder who did that....the jerk probably did!!

My mom called the police for opinions since there is no proof and they said we could re-adjust our security cameras so it will face the jerk's yard more so we can catch him. PEOPLE ARE SO STUPID!!

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