My neighbor is complaining that my cat is pooping in her yard!

We just started renting a house 7 months ago. I have Korean neighbors next to me and they have just started complaining that my cat is pooping in their small yard.

I have tried sticking a litter box in our yard in a dry area where no rain can get to it. I even put it on the porch right in front of my door since he comes to eat.

I have showed him where the litter boxes were. He still does not use it.

My cat has been an outside cat for a long time. So I know that if I put a litter box outside it's not going to help.

My neighbor's have even talked to my landlord and my landlord talked to me and told me that the neighbor is always trying to cause trouble. Even since before I moved in.

My landlord said how do they even know it was my cat, because there are other cats in the neighborhood? I told my landlord that my kids have told me that they have seen my neighbors shooshing my cat out of their yard. I don't mind them doing that but, if they touch my cat then I will have to say something about that.

There are also a lot of chickens on the street. My guess is from another neighbor. Also, there are other cats in the neighborhood.

Anyway, I don't know how to resolve this problem and I don't like to get into arguments with my neighbors! So what do I do?

My Thoughts:

I'm sorry to hear that you're having troubles. Unfortunately, your cat is just doing what cats do when they're allowed to roam.

Short of converting your cat to an indoor cat, or using a fence or outdoor cat enclosure, it's difficult to restrict his movements. If you can reach some kind of agreement with your neighbor, that would probably be ideal.

I've already addressed a similar problem at: indoor/outdoor cat litters in the neighbor's yard. Perhaps there are some ideas there that will help.

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