My male cat licks his belly raw, why?

by Debra B
(Central Florida)

Angus is 8 years old. We rescued him when he was a kitten along with his sister. At least 4 years ago he started licking his belly until it became red and raw. We've taken him to the vet numerous times and we also visited a dermatology vet.

They've tried everything. Nothing works. Change of food, litter, pills, creams, injections... Clearly they have no idea so they just keep trying. I've literally spent thousands of dollars.

Keeping him in a onesie is a terrible option. He's licked through 2, destroying the fabric. He also goes into a state of depression where I have to lead him to his food and the screened in pool area.

Aside from the fact that his obsessive licking must be uncomfortable for him, it's leaving stains all over our furniture, floors, couches... My husband is fed up. :(

He's now on CBD oil. It doesn't seem to be making any difference.

Help for Angus, please!

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Apr 08, 2020
Food allergy, environmental allergy, or stress?
by: Jim W.

CBD oil might work, but you may have to give it time.

If it's a food allergy - the only way to determine a food allergy is to do food trials. If that was not done, and they just recommended a change of food, that is not going to get you to a diagnosis.

It could be something in the environment. That can be tricky as you can't eliminate everything from the cat's environment without eliminating everything from your home. Even if you could, it may not prove anything since what he's allergic to may be in more than one item.

You could, however, eliminate some of the most common things he might be allergic to and the areas where he sleeps or frequents.

Stress can be a factor in cases of excessive licking. If you can figure out what he might be stressed about, or eliminate as much stress as possible, that would be good.

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