My indoor cat Is missing

by Johnny

I’ve never owned a cat before and I’m panicking about the idea of my cat simply disappearing. I’ve kept her in my personal room for just over 24 hours so she can get used to the space. She doesn’t leave my room and all of her necessities are in my room.

I had headphones on and was letting her explore the room today. When I finished what I was doing, she was nowhere to be found. I looked under the bed, under the dressers and nightstands, and in my closet.

I briefly checked the whole apartment. She’s just gone.

I’m very confused because I don’t think there’s any way she could have gotten out. Is it normal for a cat to seemingly disappear?

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She’s Found
by: Johnny

Hey, all!

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and advice, it truly means a lot. I did end up finding her, she was in the box spring. I managed to block the hole up so she couldn’t get back inside. She’s doing amazing and is real happy.

Thank you all again!

Your missing cat
by: Jen

The first thing to do is don't leave any windows or doors open right now because your cat could be hiding tucked somewhere really tiny in a cupboard or under the lining of the bed box springs.
We've also used favorite toys with a bell that your furry friend might like to come out and see.
If these don't work and you truly think the cat got outside it's time to start making posters that have a clear picture and putting them everywhere. This is how I found my cat that got outside and stayed outside for five days; a neighbor spotted him.
Good Luck!

Hiding cat
by: Randy

Easy to tell if she is hiding somewhere. Leave food out and see if the litter box has been used. Just make sure she has access to the whole house. If she is hiding in the basement and you shut the door, she won't be able to reach the food in your room.

Let us know if you find the kitty.

She's probably there
by: Sally F.

If you didn't open the door, and there's no other way she can get out, she's hiding in your room. This happens a lot and cats can often hide in plain sight.

Of course, there's a chance she could have slipped out when you opened the door to check the rest of the apartment. If that didn't happen, though, she's there. My cats usually come out of their hiding spots for salmon or tuna.

If she did get out, she's probably nearby. I hope you find her soon. It's nerve wracking when this happens.

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