My female cat has poop stuck to her butt and is in pain

by Charles
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

She leaked on the sheets one night. Then seemed fine. Now her back end is sensitive and smelly from leakage.

She must have problems evacuating because it frequently gets stuck in her fur there. Looks normal. The smell is killing me and any attempts to aid in cleaning is met with cries, desperate attempts at escape. I don't know what to do.

My Thoughts: I'm sorry to hear that your cat is sick. It sounds like she's in significant pain and is having a serious problem with her bowels that may need medical attention.

I would contact a veterinarian as soon as possible and ask for guidance. Cats are very good at hiding pain, so if she's experiencing visible signs of pain/discomfort, it usually means it's intense.

Either way, you need to determine the root cause of the problem, and only a vet can diagnose your cat. If she were my cat, I'd take her to the vet.

Please let us know how she does.


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Dec 27, 2014
Me too.
by: Anonymous

Please know that I feel bad for what is happening. I am going through the same thing right now with my kitty and she runs everytime I tried to clean her up. I would gently put a warm compress to her area of hurt and see if that soothes it some. I had to do that to our Pom who had that. He was washed with soap and the soap did not get rinsed off enough and he developed an abcess and he got ill.

We took him into the tub and I rinsed warm water over the abcess and poored some peroxide over it and it broke and allowed all the infection to leave. We did that one more time and he got well within two days. She may have infection there and the others are right, take her to the vet and let him deal with it there for it may take antibiotics. I am going to do the same with my little girl. Good luck and God bless.

Dec 26, 2014
Poop stuck on backside
by: Donna

I have an older longhaired male who gets loose stools sometimes & poop dries on his long fur. I give him treats & my daughter gently holds him while I shave those yucky hairs off & clean him up. A few years ago his backside was dirty & sore. We took him to the vet & he had a painful abscess.

Dec 20, 2014
Painful butt
by: Odile

Maybe her anal sacs are impacted? I think they need to be checked periodically.

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