My Cat's Strange Water Problem

by Ellen Bland
(North Babylon NY)

I have a cat with a strange problem that I can't seem to correct. Late at night while I am sleeping or when I am watching TV, my cat contaminates the water bowl.

She sticks her paw into the water (almost to her elbow) and licks it dry. Since I have 2 other cats (3 in all), I have started carrying the water bowl with me from area to area so that I can monitor its use.

In the morning, however, I almost always find a fowled water bowl with small pieces of litter on the bottom with fungusing fuzzy stuff all around them. On occasions, I have even caught my "good" cats trying to drink from this fouled mess before I even have a chance to pick it up.

Since I can't confine my troublesome cat during the night because my apartment is an open concept with no doors, I don't know what to do.

Also, the litter box is ALWAYS cleaned twice a day (morning & night) and sometime in-between if it is necessary.

I have had all 3 cats from kittens and they range in age from 17 years, 12 years, and 6 years (the baby is the troublesome one).

Please help if you can.


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