My cat's paws shake or tremor a few seconds

by Gail

My cat is 12 years old, and I notice that when she is lying down, her back paws sometimes shake. Now today I notice her front paw doing it. She has been diagnosed with kidney disease. She is strictly an indoor cat. Is this part of the disease?


Editor's note: I'm sorry to hear that your cat is ill. According to PetMD, tremors can be a sign of kidney failure, yes, but it may be caused by other things.

This is something you should discuss with your vet, as it may indicate a problem that has yet been undetected.

Here's a list of possible causes of neurological tremors in cats.

According to Feline CRF, twitching may be caused by high phosphorous levels, or calcium or potassium imbalances, or other conditions that may accompany kidney disease in cats.

The video of Pharaoh shows muscle tremors that helped his vet diagnose his problems further, and it was discovered he had high blood pressure.

Perhaps you could make a video for your vet?

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Jan 14, 2015
by: SS

Hi There,

I had a cat that did exactly what this kitty is doing as she was the same age as this kitty. I took film of her when it happened, and the vet said exactly the same as this kitty's vet has said. A couple of years after this started, things changed and as she was walking, she was shaking, then her tail went stiff and she shook more again. We took film of her. The vet's exact words when he saw the film were he had "not seen a case like he had just seen for 30 years" as it was incredibly rare. It is a rare form of epilepsy where the cat is concious yet is definitely having seizures.

She was immediately put on medication for seizures which helped her a tremendous amount, though she still had them. They were definitely very mild when they happened. Little tukie as we called our little girl managed them exceptionally well, however we did as a precaution had her become a full time house cat which she quickly adapted too.

In cats, these generally start how our Tessie tukies did with the shaking earlier on in her life. Our beloved little girl lived till she was 16 years old, and apart from the seizures she was a wonderful, really affectionate kitty who was much loved and is to this day missed more than words can ever say.

I hope your kitty lives a long and happy life as I am sure she will with owners who really love her as you do.

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