My cats know how to use their paws like hands

by gracie

Hello! I have 3 cats, (tortoiseshell and pastel calico, both sisters and a younger torbie). The pastel calico and torbie are very intelligent. They know their name, they know how to stay calm when I bathe them, and they can generally put two and two together with other things.

The tortoise isn't dumb, she just does what she wants. Poop in the pantry? Done. Poop on a towel? Already did it. Pee on my father's work clothes? Pfff amateur move.

I can't remember if my calico or tortoise discovered that they can pull flooring up. I do know, that my waking hours have been HELL since they discovered paw = means of destruction.

I often wake up to them pulling my blanket off me, my hallway flooring torn to hell, and recently they've learned to drag the bath mat into different rooms.

I am not looking for consolation. I have accepted that these cats are the top of the food chain now. I would just really like to know if anyone else's cats are doing this?

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by: Josie

I have had cats do this kind of thing. It's maddening, but you've gotta love 'em!

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