My cat won't explore unless I'm nearby?

by Nick

My cat doesn't like when I look at her, but she won't explore unless I'm nearby. Is this normal?

I got a new cat. Her name is Citrus and she won't allow me near her or even to look at her unless she's hiding under my bed. Even then, she won't let me touch her.

When I'm downstairs, I can't hear her moving around or leaving her hiding place. If I stay in the room with her, I've noticed she will start exploring my room as long as I don't look at her or move towards her. Is this normal?

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by: Randy

I have a female cat that was just like yours when I got her. She hid under the bed for 3 1/2 days. Only came out to eat when I was not in the room

I would sit on the floor and entice her out with kitty treats. She would grab it and run under the bed. Slowly she began to trust me and would eat in front of me.

It took her 3 months to get used to me and my other cat. Now she is the most affectionate cat I ever owned. Sleeps with me, crawls all over me when hungry, follows me around, loves being petted for an hour or 2 at a time. Still a fraidy-cat tho. She hides when someone comes over.

So, don't give up. She will get braver as her confidence builds. It may take some time tho.

Shy new cat
by: karen B

I agree with Jim W but I also think if she may have been abused - even terrorized by other cats or a dog. Be patient and gentle. I had a three month old kitten wander into my apartment. She didn't leave the apartment for over two weeks and still follows me around like a puppy. But once she left the apartment she did start wandering around a bit.

Sounds normal
by: Jim W.

That sounds normal to me. She's unsure of herself right now. Just be there for her and let her gain confidence.

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