My cat screams when she stands and tries to move

by Heather

My cat screams when she stands and tries to move. Could it be a urinary problem or a nerve problem? Any other problem?

My cat is a 12 year old Calico named Baby. She is a sickly one anymore and I really do feel bad for her. But lately she's been having problems that I've never seen before in a cat. When she stands she screams or cries, and when she moves afterward, it seems like its with great difficulty.

My sister took her to a vet, so I'm not sure what was said about it. But I would like to know what is wrong, please help if you can.....

Other symptoms:

tail hanging down at odd angle
kicking legs out when lying down
laying with back end in air, almost like she cant put it down.
flopping from side to side right after lying down
walking is stiff and legs seem to be kept straight (if that makes sense)
can't stretch out without screaming and yowling

There are others but I don't know how to describe them....

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Sep 22, 2010
Oh, he, I, did you take him to the vet?
by: Anonymous

Did you take him her to the vet? Well, if something is wrong, then I suggest her to lay down a little, and have food and milk right there with her. After 10 min. let her try to walk.

Aug 28, 2010
Poor Baby
by: Anonymous

It sounds like Baby is crying out for help. I hope you can find out from your sister what the vet said about Baby's condition. There are probably so many things that it could be. I wish I could help you more. Please try to get some help for Baby. I know you want to.

Aug 27, 2010
by: Kurt (Admin)

I'm sorry to hear that Baby is sick, Heather. Is there a way you could find out from your sister what the veterinarian said about her condition? I think we'd be in a much better position to have the discussion if we knew the medical diagnosis.

Taking a wild guess... it sounds like she's having pain when bending at least one of her back legs, which may be arthritis.

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