My cat peed on the floor and hes box trained!

by Brandy
(Ithaca, NY US)

My kitten Mclovin is about 5 months old and has always used his box with no problem.

This morning he was prowling around, went into his cat tent and peed in it.

Of course it went all over my kitchen floor. I recently changed his food.

I'm not sure why he's doing this if you have any answers PLEASE help!

My Thoughts:

The usual possibles apply. All of the literature says you should always look for a medical problem first. Urinary tract infections are common, and can be life threatening if a blockage occurs.

Emotional problems, often caused by some stressor (an invading cat that you don't know about, perhaps), can be at fault. Emotional problems can also lead to physical problems.

If this is a one time incident, and the vet can't find a medical problem or another explanation, then perhaps it's just one of those mysteries. He's young, so it's possible that he encountered a dominant cat (or there is one lurking nearby) and he's displaying some submissive behavior.

If this behavior continues, however, with no medical issue, then he may need some retraining. If there is another cat and he feels threatened, or perhaps another pet in the house he's threatened by, then you'll have to address that during the retraining.

I hope that helps,

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