My cat keeps yelling

by Ali Mohammed

My Cat

My Cat

I found him about 4 days ago when I went to dinner with family at a restaurant. Two staff members were putting him in a bag and heavily mistreating him. I took him to my house to try to provide a better environment for him.

In the beginning, he was afraid of any sound or sudden movement, but gradually warmed up to me and I am capable now of playing with him comfortably and he sits on my lap freely.

The problem is if I sit near him to do any activity other than giving him attention, he will start shouting (meawing) repeatedly and spend 85% of the time trying to climb the wall, wanting to reach a window to the far upper corner.

That window is shut by a secondary ceiling layer. It has a crack in the middle big enough for his paw to go through so I put layers of thick papers on the glass and removed the counter that helps him reach there.

Now he keeps shouting and looking at that window like his life depends on it and tries to jump to it even though he failed 100 times. I thought that he wanted some fresh air or to go outside.

I ended up with a lot of bites and scratches as I barely saved him from hurting himself as he panics and slams into practically anything in his way. I tried to lift him up to where the window is so that he can gradually understand that there is nothing to gain from being there and he keeps shouting and slipping from its small ledge.

If he is tired he wanders around the room shouting. I don't know what he wants. He eats, drinks, and poops healthily.

He seems to be super active only when I'm around him. If I leave, he picks a corner and quietly sits after realizing that I'm not going to come back for a while. I'm trying to take him out of the room but he spends his time hiding in a corner.

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Royal Baby
by: Anonymous

Thank you for rescuing that beautiful royal kitten! Cats are the superior domesticated pet due to long life with good care. Be patient - your kitty likely has trust issues from cruel handling. Your kitten should mellow by extensions of kindness. My baby needed 3 weeks to find my lap. Mostly they sleep but outburst of play show good health. Daily clean water is essential w/high protein catfood. Good things for a cat are: foremost, you and kindness; scratch pad or pole; a window perch; a couple of empty boxes to play and nap securely in; a mirror so they can see themselves; objects to bat around like a pencil or ping pong ball. See a vet for vaccines, spay or neuter, so you will have a great lifetime family pet member!
Best to you and your royal new friend, you'll really be surprised when you eventually discover their mysterious therapeutic quality. Priscilla.

Sounds like he wants attention
by: Jim W.

You might want to take him to a veterinarian to make sure he's healthy, but it sounds like he just wants attention. You can try playing with him more to tire him out so he'll sleep. You might also want to get a scratching post or build him a perch where he can get up high and lie down. Thanks for saving him from mean people.

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