My cat is peeing on me at night

by Anonymous

Last week, my mom's cat peed on her once one night, but used the box during the day. Now, just last night, she peed on her again at night while in bed.

Her box was cleaned and scrubbed yesterday morning. She used the box all day. What could this be from?

My thoughts: I'm sorry to hear your cat is having troubles. It's possible your cat has a medical problem (kidney problem, bladder stones, urinary tract infection, inflammation of the bladder, etc.).

If it's not a medical problem and your cat has been cleared for take off by your vet...

In cases where cats are urinating on the bed, clothing, or on their humans, it could be stress or anxiety related. In those cases, the fix is to determine the cause of the stress or anxiety and remove it.

At the same time, doing whatever you can to make your cat feel safe, secure, and relaxed will help your kitty to deal with the stress.

One possible explanation as to why this only happens at night is because that is when your mom is in bed, and peeing in the bed comforts your cat.

Here are some possible scenarios and ideas to trace down:

1. Something's wrong with the litter box. Has anything changed with the litter box? Is there anything about the box, or the area around the box, that is different at night from during the day?

For example, if the litter box is in a place where there isn't good lighting, this may cause a problem. While cats normally can see well in low light, they can't see in total darkness.

As cats age, their eyesight may give them trouble, just like in humans. Some of our readers have had cats with failing eyesight stop using the litter box at night. I have night lights plugged in around my house so I'm sure Jazzy has enough light to use the box at night.

Perhaps the area where the litter box is placed is noisy at night due to washing machines, dishwashers, televisions, people, etc. This may be disturbing to her.

2. Some cats don't like to urinate where
they defecate, and vice versa. A cat may develop a preference for using one box for pee, and one box for poop. This preference can develop at any time.

The one-plus-one rule says we should have one box for each cat in the house, plus one more. If you have only one box, you might want to add more.

3. A change in the house may have triggered the stress. Have there been any changes in the household just prior to this starting?

A new job? A new person? Did someone who used to live there leave the house?

What about something specific happening on the days the incidents occurred? All these things are suspect.

4. Something threatening this way comes. There are threatening things we can see, and there are threatening things we can't see.

For example, if another cat (or dog) in the house is bullying your cat, that's obvious. But... what about outside cats we never see?

There have been many instances where cats outside the house have sufficiently disturbed a resident cat to the point of not using the box. If cats are hanging around outside at night, that could be the trigger.

Beyond the above, here are some steps you can take:

1. Give her more of an incentive to use the box by making it more attractive...

Make sure there's a sufficient amount of the litter she likes to use.

Add some Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract to the litter.

Ensure you've got the right location, the right lighting, and the right climate.

Keep the litter box in a low noise, low traffic area, but near where she frequents, and away from food and water bowls.

2. Make sure no outside cats are coming around. This is harder to do, but if this is the cause, it needs to be addressed.

3. Make the unwanted area a less attractive place to pee. This is difficult when it's a bed, but if you can find a way to make the bed less attractive to your cat at night, that might help.

I hope that helps give you some ideas. Please let us know how things turn out.

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Jul 21, 2017
Reason for peeing.
by: Kathy C

The reason for peeing can be not only litter box problems but also because they are angry with their owner for leaving them alone. They need something to occupy their time and usually a lighted Aquarium with fish is like cat TV. Also, are there any feral cats around because that can be anxiety because he feels he cannot protect the house and that includes you. Another reason can be bladder or kidney problems and cats are susceptible to Renal Kidney Failure or Chronic Renal Failure so taking him to the Vet first is the best option. Hope this helps "Why is my cat peeing on me".

Jul 16, 2017
Shut the door
by: Anonymous

It could be that she just has to shut the cat out of her bedroom. I don't have that option, since my door won't shut anymore, but there are times I wish I could do so.

It could be that she does have to not sleep with the cat, a tough option, but sometimes the only one.

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