My cat is a slob

We recently moved into a new house and of course I dragged all my outside cats with me. I have 3 feeding places for them in case the neighborhood cats help themselves.

Every day I put out clean water with the food. I became puzzled when I noticed that every day the water bowl in 2 locations was full of water, dirt and leaves.

Yesterday, I put it out and my dominant female was the only one present. She drank in front of me. I walked out to my car to get something and by the time I got back she had filled the bowl with dirt and debris and she was gone.

This has been going on for almost a month. Does anyone have any ideas as to why she has adopted this strange behavior? I can not figure out if she is trying to tell me something or if she is just a slob.

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Different water source?
by: Kurt (Admin)

Cats sometimes make what seem like strange choices for water. Since you've moved to a new place, maybe there is something in the water that she doesn't like.

Have you tried getting some bottled water, and/or running it through a filter? Different water sources, something in the pipes, and so on come to mind.

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