My cat has a lump in her throat

by Rachel
(Crediton, Devon, England)

My cat has a lump in her throat and has stopped eating.

Editor's note: That's not much to go on Rachel, but it would be enough for me to take her to the veterinarian if she were my cat. Anytime a cat goes off food/water, I get concerned.

I'm assuming that you can either see or feel (or both) the lump in her throat. It seems reasonable to assume that the lump and her lack of appetite are connected, but they may be coincidental.

Teddie had a lump once under the skin. She did not stop eating or show any symptoms of illness, but if it had been on her throat, I can imagine that it might have caused pressure.

It turned out to be a benign tumor, which the vet biopsied and subsequently surgically removed. I would get her checked out by the vet as soon as possible.

I hope she feels better soon.

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