My cat escaped after move

by Prashant Singh
(Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India)

It's been nearly 15 days since my cat escaped from our new home and ran back to the area where we lived. Someone informed me that my cat has been hanging out around his house and frequently visits his cat (female with kittens).

Every time I go to catch him, he runs away from me. Any idea why he eschews even if I call him?

P.S. At home, he would run to me every time I called him and was very affectionate.

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He's afraid
by: Sally F.

This happens often. I know it's very stressful and it seems puzzling.

From your cat's point of view, though, he was taken from his world and put on another planet. He's just doing what he can to protect himself and get back to the safety of the environment he knew before.

You'll probably need to get a trap and some stinky food to get him in there. Once you trap him, bring him to your new home and keep him in the bedroom for a few days. Once he's comfortable there and everything in there smells like him, then let him explore the rest of the house. Do whatever you can to make him feel safe and secure.

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