My cat acts like a dog when she's in heat?

by Azrayal Eben-Munro
(Canada, Alberta)

Is it weird that my cat acts like a dog when she's in heat? Texas, my almost 1-and-a-half year old cat, displays behavior and attitude that is mostly attributed to dogs. Is this normal?

She is an abnormal cat. By this I mean she is way too small to be a full grown tortoise shell, yet she's almost two years old.

She only started going into heat when she was about one year old. Also, after we got another kitten, she stopped going into heat for a few months.

Back to the question, when she is in heat she loves belly rubs, our company and is noisy. She also crawls on the floor and perks her butt up whenever you pet her near her tail.

Also, after we got the kitten her height and weight mysteriously hiked up. Are all these things normal or should she see a vet?

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I would get her spayed
by: Kurt (Admin)

While in heat, some cats will act more affectionate and do some of the things you describe.

I can't say if all her behaviors are normal, though, or if her growth and size are normal. I also can't say whether she has some problem that needs a vet's attention.

But, I would get her spayed. That will eliminate any heat related behaviors, and also ensure she never gets pregnant.

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