Moving out!

by Anonymous

I am planning to move out of my parent’s house. We have six cats (2 of which are 10 year old sisters). Naturally, some of the kitties are more attached to me and some are attached to my parents.

My questions are: what is the easiest way to transition “breaking up the band”, is it a good idea and how hard could this be? One of the sisters would be absolutely devastated if she was not with me. They range in ages from 10 to 3 years old.

I would love to relocate at least 2 of them together. I just do not want to be selfish - I want them to be happy! It’s heartbreaking! I’ve put off moving out for about 4 years because of this situation, but I’m getting married and need a place of my own.

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Take the two most bonded to each other
by: Sally F.

I would take two of them. Take the one that is strongly bonded to you and another cat that is strongly bonded to that cat.

If there are other relationship considerations, it gets trickier. For example, if cat #1 is strongly bonded to you, cat #2 is strongly bonded to cat #1, and cat #3 is strongly bonded to cat #2, that makes things harder. Pretty soon, you start coming up with reasons to take them all.

When the time comes, just move those two cats you've chosen to your new home.

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