Minx and Micah from Rigby

by Lesa Thompson
(Rigby, Idaho)

My beautiful black cats have since passed, but I thought I would share their names. Micah was a crazy thing. She loved to run around the house and climb up on things, surprise surprise.

Then there was one of the most wonderful birthday presents I ever received, Minx the Manx.

He had more personality than any cat I have ever owned. He sat on his rear in the corner of the couch with his little belly hanging out.

If you went anywhere for too long he would purposely pee on whatever you were gone with like a coat or a suitcase. Total attitude.

If you bent down to get on to him and shake your finger at him, he glared at you with his ears back and would swat your finger. He sat just like a dog and he loved to hide in the doorway down a dark hall, then jump up, bounce off your chest and scare you to death.

One day my sister called me from the bathroom because she was afraid to go out the door. Minx had her stuck in there and she was not leaving because he was going to attack her, she said. LOL! He just laid by the door and wouldn't leave.

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