Male cat suddenly a jerk sometimes

by Christine

I've got a 1 1/2 year old fixed male Tabby. He's always been very feisty and a big Mama's boy who follows me everywhere.

About two months ago, I got a boyfriend and my cat creeped on us when we were intimate and looked at us like "OMG wtf!!!" Ever since then he's been moody and extra rough when playing.

Last week I went on vacation and he started upset chattering at me while I was packing and taking swipes at me, and he's been doing it now that I am back as well.

He doesn't hiss or yowl, he just crouches and meows a lot and tries to bat or bite me. He's got lots of toys and I play with him regularly. Is he just jealous and mad at me for going on vacation?

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Make sure he's healthy
by: Sally F.

Make sure he's not sick. A personality change can mean something's wrong with him, health-wise.

If he's healthy, he may just be out of sorts at this point. Cats like a stable schedule. When that schedule changes, they can get anxious. They usually only stay mad at you for leaving them for a short time, though.

Try a few drops of Rescue Remedy (the pet version) each day. It may help.

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