Male cat leaving wet spots?

by Olivia i

I have an almost five month old male cat who is not yet (soon to be) neutered. He's a sweetheart. I have been finding small wet patches on the couch and on my clothing after he has sat there or I've cuddled him.

It doesn't appear to stink or be cloudy or discolored or anything like that. Otherwise, he is eating and drinking normally, lots of energy, nothing else seems off.

Is this anything to be concerned about or just an unfortunate part of him not yet being neutered?


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Jan 29, 2018
Jazzy did the same
by: Kurt (Admin)

Jazzy left wet spots everywhere until I had him neutered. I set up blankets for him to lie down on in his favorite spots and washed them often. I have not seen these wet spots since he was neutered (although it can happen).

On the other hand, medical problems may cause wet spots. Plugged up anal sacs can cause your cat to leave a wet spot, although those wet spots usual smell quite strong.

If you notice him scooting his back end on the floor, this can be an indication that his anal sacs need to be expressed. He may also pay extra attention to cleaning that area.

Some sort of kidney or urinary problem, such as FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disorder), crystals in the urine, or more rarely, a bladder infection may be at fault.

This may be accompanied by more frequent urination than normal, straining when urinating, blood in the urine, and so on. Again, he may also do a lot of licking the area.

For those reasons, I would recommend calling your vet and getting some validation on the idea that this is happening just because he's not neutered.

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