Male cat is vomiting a watery mixture and won't eat?

by MB

My cat Charlie is about 4 years old. Just in the last day he has been vomiting a watery substance, and he won't eat. Why is he doing this, and what can I do to help him?

Editor's note: The recommendation that I've seen, MB, is if your cat skips more than one meal or stops drinking, it's time to see the veterinarian. If he's not eating, his vomit may be watery rather than contain food.

I've seen my cats produce watery vomit, however, when they've had hairballs. Hairballs are one of the more common causes of vomiting in cats, but I've never actually seen a cat have a bad enough one to cause lack of appetite.

Some hairballs may be severe enough for your veterinarian to prescribe a laxative. If the cat can't bring it up, it's got to go the other way out. In (I presume rare) cases, I've heard of surgery being necessary (in humans, too).

Beyond hairballs, and with respect to your cat vomiting in general, there are a number of other possible causes, including everything from allergies to systemic diseases.

Chronic vomiting is common in cats, but frequent chronic vomiting, vomiting several times per day, or vomiting with blood in it is cause for concern.

I'm sorry to hear that Charlie is not feeling good. If he were my cat, I'd call the vet and tell them he's throwing up and not eating. If he doesn't eat for more than a day, I'd bring him right in to the doctor.

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