Making two female outdoor cats into indoor cats?

by Nicholas
(Summerville, Florida)

I recently took over where my mom lived and I noticed an outside cat and started to feed it because I'm a cat person. A month or two goes by and here comes another female stray.

I've read articles that it's better for them to become indoor cats, making their life spans way longer and keeping them out of danger and read many easy ways to do so.

The two females barely get along but do just fine when I'm around, but here's the other kicker... I have two indoor Male cats already.

All of the cats are fixed. I noticed the female cats have nipped ears which I read means they are a part of a program that fixes feral cats.

I will have to leave here soon and the neighbors around here aren't nice people like me. No one will take care of my new babies, so I will have to take them with me. So what I'm asking is how do I get them all to get along and be all indoor cats at the same time?

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