Leaving your cat home alone

by Max

I'm thinking about getting a cat but I'm wondering if it's OK to leave my cat home alone on some weekends. Once or twice a month, I will not be home on the weekends to be home with my cat, so he/she would be home alone.

Also what kind of stuff would I need to get for my cat, like a water fountain? Also what age of cat would be the best for me to adopt? I know not a kitten, but how many years old would be best?

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Home Alone, Feline Edition
by: Kurt (Admin)

For times you are away, you can hire a cat sitter to come in and check on your cat, feed your cat, clean the litter box, and so on. If that's a financial strain, then perhaps you have a trusted friend, relative, or neighbor who is familiar with cats who can do the same.

Kittens are a lot of work, so you're probably wise to go with an adult cat. I'd recommend getting a cat two years old or older as they tend to begin to calm down a bit after that, although some cats are very kitten-like into their later years.

Many people find that adopting a senior cat is a great experience and suits their lifestyle.

As for what to get for your new cat, you might want to take a look at my recommendations for new cat owners. I'll be revising and expanding that list soon, and new content gets added to the site often, so you might want to subscribe to keep on top of updates.

Kitties Home Alone
by: HolisticCatMama

You should adopt/rescue an adult cat from the Humane Society or animal shelter. The age is up to you. The older the cat the more likely the poor thing has of living a long time stuck there. An even better option is adopting two Cats. Not only will you save two kitties from a loveless life but it will also help with loneliness when you are not around. Dry kibble is bad bad bad for cats which doesn't make it easy to leave them alone for more than a day. Only feed when no one will be around for more than a day. Feed a canned food with no by-products, meat meal, carrageenan, xanthan or Gaur gums. Not an easy task. Homemade, raw or Tiki Canned is best. A cat water fountain like any other water bowl, need to be regularly cleaned to keep the water fresh and free of bacteria. Cat mouths are not a clean environment. There’s a reason that cat bites can become so easily infected. Because of this, it’s important to keep their water source clean and free of any bacteria as well as food debris and the like. In addition, it’s important to use filtered water to reduce buildup of calcium and lime which will clog up the fountain over time. Good luck! I really hope this helps! Keep me posted!

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