Kitten keeps us awake after learning annoying meow

by LLC

I have a 13-week-old kitten we've had for three weeks now. She's a mongrel but she looks like an Abyssinian and acts like one. When she was alone she used to have a "chortling" meow.

We have another cat who is a very old cat and sometimes makes this annoying noise when she feels sick. She was sick recently.

My kitten has learned this noise and seems to have replaced her chortling with this noise. She is definitely not sick.

The two cats are cordial to each other, but not friendly. The matriarch still hisses when she's in her way.

The cats are not allowed in our bedroom. The kitten cries a lot when we are trying to sleep, and now with this annoying meow, it's unbearable.

I think it started as an attention-getter, because we paid a lot of attention to our sick cat. But I don't know how to stop it.

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Poor kitten
by: Anonymous

She's a baby, and eight hours by herself must feel like a life time. Why have a kitten if you don't want her near you? Feed her before you go to bed and make sure the litter tray is accessible, then let her sleep on your bed.

You have to ignore her
by: Kurt (Admin)

As difficult as it may be, ignoring your kitten is the way to modify this behavior. Eventually, she'll figure out that what she's doing doesn't get the attention she wants.

Years ago, one of my cats trained me to wake up in the middle of the night to play ball with her. She would walk the house with the ball in her mouth meowing incessantly until I gave in.

To break the cycle, I stopped paying attention to her completely. Each night, she tried to get me to respond, but I held out.

I also increased the amount of attention I paid to her during my normal waking hours, and played with her to try to wear her out a bit.

Another tactic that helps is to feed your cats at set meal times, and feed them dinner late in the evening, after a play session. A well fed cat is less likely to disturb you during the night.

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