Kitten jumps in my arms and sits on my neck?

by Jaydon Bautista
(Polson, MT)

I got my kitten when she was about one to two months and had her for about two months after that. We gave her to the vet to get her checked and cleaned up and haven't seen her for about two weeks.

When I went to go see her, the person that worked there brought her out and she was crying loudly. She leaped from his arms to mine and stopped crying.

She then ran up to my should and around the back of my neck. What does it mean when a cat jumps in my arms and goes straight up to my shoulders and on my neck? And also has a very loud cry?

I'm sure she just misses me but I just want to know exactly what the meaning of this was.

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She's trying to feel more secure
by: Kurt (Admin)

Two weeks is a very long time to be at the vet. Kittens are very resilient and adaptable, but she's probably just thankful to be out of that cage and away from those strange people, smells, sights, and sounds. She's likely clinging to you and climbing high to make herself feel more secure.

Kitten Jumps
by: Anonymous

It is time to get this cat home it is terrified

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