Is this normal introduction behavior?

by Ashly

Two weeks ago I introduced my 3-year-old cat, Cleo to a 3-month-old kitten named Nef. Cleo, my older cat has always been very loving, but shy.

When I introduced Nef to her, I will admit that I rushed things and didn’t do the proper introduction techniques because I wasn’t aware of such a thing as I grew up with only dogs.

It has now been two weeks and no fights have broken out but hissing, growling, and the occasional swat from Cleo have happened when Nef gets too close. They both can stand being in the same room and sleeping on my bed with me (at least 1 foot apart).

Should I worry about them not getting along at this point? Will the swatting and growling eventually stop?

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Sometimes the cats work it out
by: Jim W.

Sometimes you can throw cats together and they work it out without too much fighting. Other times, not so much. If it's going that well so far, I'd say it will probably continue to go well.

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