Is there a way to get my male cat to sleep?

I adopted a brother and sister pair of cats. They are now a year old. I got them when they were 8 months old. The female is timid and pretty laid back, but her brother is FULL of mischief! Lol

I play with them when I get home, usually more so before bedtime to TRY to tire the male out. My issue is that pretty much without fail, the male will meow and scratch on the carpet and my bedroom door around 2-3 a.m.! Some days we make it till 4 a.m., but those are pretty few.

I have tried squirting him with a water bottle, and TRYING to just ignor him when he does this, but he's already frayed a small piece of carpet by my bedroom door and it's new carpet.

I used to let them both sleep on my bed, but there again the male would wake with a different, not quite a full meow, (at 2:30-3:00 a.m.) then jump down and go under my bed and start clawing at the underside of my mattress, being joined by his sister.

They trashed the covering under my box spring, so I removed that. Tried it again, and now he will scratch and gnaw at the boards. So that's when I banished them from my bedroom.

ANY IDEAS what I can do to get him to SLEEP, and not be destructive when he wakes up SO early??

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