Is my new kitten acting normal?

by Frida
(Illinois )

We brought home a new kitten a week and a half ago. He’s a Persian. For the first few days, he would roam around, and would pay attention when we tried to play games with him. He napped a lot which was expected but he would let himself be cuddled and licked us and purred.

What concerns us the most is that he’s not eating like we expected him to. He didn’t touch his dry food but he would eat maybe 4 bites of his wet food twice a day and leave it alone.

A few days ago he’s just napping or lying down all day. He’s only meowed once and he doesn’t like lying on me anymore. He just stares off into space while sitting up.

We try waving a new toy at him and he just stares and walks away. We called his previous owner and she said he’s just adjusting and apparently when he was with her, he was stuck in one room the whole time. But I’m scared something else is wrong.

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I would call the vet
by: Sally F.

If you're worried, I would call the vet. He may be adjusting, and he may not be fond of the food, but there could be something else going on as well.

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