Is my new cat messing with my dog?

by Alexis Moff

I have a new cat and he is pretty young. It has only been three weeks. I also have an older female dog.

The cat is adjusting to the house and he is starting to walk around. He goes up to my dog and rubs his face and tail all over my dog.

My dog does not like this but she is very tolerant at first. After about 10-15 minutes, my dog gets tired of this and wants to get away, but the cat continues to follow her.

The cat does not seem to be scratching or biting my dog, but just rubbing on her when she is sleeping. I cannot tell if the cat is trying to love or play with the dog, or is simply trying to mess with my dog.

I can tell it makes my dog upset after awhile. I have never heard of a cat doing this and I have no idea how to react.

Has anyone had a cat that has done this? Should I let them work it out themselves?

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your kitty
by: Hardcore catlover Boyan

Your kitty loves your dog and is marking her as her own.Cats live in a world of smells you see,and most likley she will get used to it in about six months

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