Is my cat's tail infected?

by Kaia

We got Loki as a kitten 3 or 4 years ago along with his brother, Roman, who died two and a half years after we got him. Loki went out for a walk one night and came back with a lump on his tail, and didn't like it when we touched the lump or just his tail, even going so far as to lash out at us which is rare for him.

Eventually, we started to forget about the lump thinking it had healed since he had started acting normally. A few months passed, and I looked at his tail and saw he was losing fur around it, and it looked infected.

The lump is still there but smaller and he's grown more sensitive about it being touched again too. Can someone help??

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Apr 12, 2020
Needs a vet
by: Sally F.

It's hard to tell if it's infected, but it's certainly something I would see a veterinarian about.

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