Is my cat traumatized?

by Vee

This question has a backstory, so bear with me! I have a portable aircon which is relatively loud, but like most aircons, it turns off automatically when it gets too cold.

The other night my cat was sleeping with me and my AC had turned off, but it randomly turned back on and began to produce its loud noise right as I went to pet my cat. She freaked out, jumped off my bed and hit the walls (I had the lights off cause it was 5 am).

I’m assuming my cat (Lucy) thought whatever the loud noise was, was trying to grab her and that’s why she freaked out. This happened two nights ago and ever since then she’s been terrified of being in my room!

How do I get her comfortable in my room again?

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Air conditioner and cats
by: Lora W.

I am so sorry your kitty is having a bad time with the air conditioner's sound. They can be rather noisy.
Perhaps a small night light in your bedroom would make her feel more safe at bedtime.
During the day, try to coax her into the room ( of course, leaving the door open ).Play with some of her favorite toys and invite her to come in too.
Be sure and give her lots and lots of attention and affection throughout the day.
It may take a while for her to get over this, but if you are consistent with her, I am sure she will be her old self again soon.

It may just take time
by: Kurt (Admin)

She may come around in time. You may be able to speed her progress by paying extra attention to her and giving her some reassurance.

I would try playing with her and see if you can get her near the bedroom while playing. Feed her treats near the bedroom as well. After some repetition of this, you could then try to get her to come just inside the bedroom. Baby steps.

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