Is my cat spraying?

by Naomi
(New Jersey)

I just adopted a male kitten who's 4 months old. He was just neutered this weekend then we brought him home Tuesday and we've only had him 2 nights.

The first night I took him into my room for bed so we're all shut in together (so I can minimize his anxiety and make sure he's not getting into anything while I'm asleep).

He snuggled up under the covers with me, kneaded my belly, purred, and then when I went to pet him, he put his head down and stuck his butt up in the air.

I heard a noise similar to "ack ack ack" (at first I thought it was my fan and that something had gotten stuck in it) but the next morning, I woke up with my shirt wet.

I was of course confused because it was only on the side where he was snuggling. My boyfriend said the bed didn't smell, nor my shirt, so he thinks I'm crazy.

Well, the cat did the exact same thing last night. Only this time when I heard the noise, I made sure to feel my shirt right then and there and sure enough, it was wet immediately afterward. Is he spraying me?

If he is, what can I do to stop him?

If he isn't, what else could it be?

I'm a new mom so I don't know if the cat smells my milk, or if I'm just losing it, but I don't want to smell like cat urine.

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by: Jim W.

I don't think I've ever heard a cat make noises like that when spraying. Cat urine has a very distinctive smell, but I would call the vet to make sure he's OK.

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