Is my cat sick or just getting old?

by Mariah

Whiskers(left) Oreo(right)

Whiskers(left) Oreo(right)

My boy oreo is about 10 years old, but he’s doing great for his age. You would never know he's that old. I’ve noticed he’s stopped eating within the past few days and drinks little water. He’s just laying in bed a lot and kinda low energy, but he’s still purring and doesn’t look to be sick.

He also peed on my clothes that were on the chair two times now, could it be stress? Depression? or Is my boy just getting old? :(

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May 03, 2020
Run to your Vet
by: Ellyb

I hope your cat will be okay, but they cannot stop eating or drinking. HE/she is letting you know that this is an emergency situation situation.

Not to be mean, but take out a couple of books from the library and cats that covers health and illness.They can be very helpful.

Best wishes

Apr 05, 2020
Get him to the vet
by: Jim W.

If my cats don't eat for a day, I call the vet. If they stop drinking, I rush them right to the vet.

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