Is my cat pregnant or just growing up?

by Cj

I have an 11 month old cat who is not fixed, only because I was told she was, only to find out at her vet visit, she's not. I had an appointment set, but now that I think she's pregnant, I'm obviously going to wait.

Her nipples got bigger and a little more pink after about 2 weeks from when I last checked. I know this is a sign, but do their nipples get bigger or more pink for any other reason, like growing up more?

She does seem more rounded, but maybe she's just eating a lot? I was petting her and I could feel golf ball size lumps that would be in a different location the next day. I only felt two. Is this her insides or her babies?

I don't know what a normal belly should feel like. So there's no comparison. She is more lovey, sleeps more. But she also still plays and climbs up her scratching tower, 5 feet high with no problem.

I've read a lot online, and know that only time will tell. I'm thinking she's about 4-5 weeks, so about half way. I also know they don't really get a big ole belly until their last couple weeks, but shouldn't she at least be getting a little bit bigger every couple days?

I have a stray male cat about the same age who likes to come in and play sometimes. Remember, I thought she was fixed. So there's a possibility they mated.

I've never really seen her go into heat, maybe just starting to, with some meowing
and constantly trying to get outside. She eventually made an escape for a night, came home and was constantly licking her lady parts for a couple days.

Ever since then, I wondered. She's hasn't been in any kind of heat since that last time she kind of was, about a month ago. You'd think she would have hit it again especially being almost one. Isn't that kind of late for a first heat?

She has gotten a little bigger in the belly, is being more affectionate than normal, and her nipples are almost the size of a Tic Tac and went from white to a rosy pink.

I'm just not sure if the whole nipple thing is because of something else, and how a non pregnant cat's belly is supposed to feel. I'm not being rough at all! I was petting her and felt a lump. I felt the other side and there was one, but in a different location.

The next day I couldn't feel any, but I'm not going to push hard to try either. A few days later I felt them again, and bigger.

I put my ear to her belly and all I hear are lots of little bubbles, like soda. I checked again today and still hear it. Is that normal? Just digesting? Pregnancy related?

Her next check up is in 2 weeks. There's only one vet by me (other than 300 miles away!), so we have had to wait. But if she is pregnant, I'd like to prepare just in case it happens before then. Thanks for any helpful info!

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Update 1
by: Cj

Thanks for the input. She has been eating kitten food anyways, since this kind goes until she's 1, so I guess that kinda worked in my favor! I have also been giving her additional wet kitten food, which she gobbles! I am almost positive she's pregnant, her belly is really sticking out now. Not like, whoa, that cats pregnant!, but more like..that cat looks pregnant. So I'm guessing she has 2-3 weeks, but who really knows. But the bumps in her belly are easier felt, and she's being a cuddle bug. Normally she's more independent and does her own thing. She never slept with me, always by me, even when she was 4 months old. But now she'll lay right on me and rolls over to get a belly rub. Im guessing she only has about 2, 3 max kittens. It's kinda exciting too see if I'm right :) I'll update this when anything new happens in case someone comes across it some day and hopefully finds it helpful. Oh, I also made her a box which she laid in right away. But has also been laying in my son's room near his wall in closet. Im going to set that closet up too. He's 15 and it's pretty quiet in there, opposed to my 8 and 6 yr old room lol. She does keep trying to get in to the inside of the couch tho. But I'm making sure she can't. I hope she accepts one of the places I made, if not...I'll be by here side where ever she had then to help, if needed.

Could be pregnant!
by: Jim W.

Yep, sounds like she could be pregnant.

Sound like she could be pregnant
by: Kurt (Admin)

In my experience, most cats go into heat long before 11 months (hence, the Fix at Four campaign). From what you describe, I think it's very possible she's pregnant.

I highly recommend contacting your vet and getting prenatal care advice for your cat. If she's pregnant, some vets will recommend you switch her to kitten food, because kitten food has a higher nutrient content. She's eating for multiple cats now, so it's important to get her all the nutrition she needs. I would talk to the vet.

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